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Dentists always prefer to save natural teeth; however, there are situations when an extraction is your best option. Extractions are nothing to fear. In many cases, the extraction relieves pain. Our skilled dentists will have your tooth out quickly while ensuring your comfort before, during and after the procedure.

How Much Do Dentists Charge to Pull a Tooth?

Your specific tooth extraction cost relies on your tooth’s location and its condition. If one of our dentists can extract your tooth, it will be less expensive than if you need a surgical extraction. If you have dental insurance coverage, this will also affect your total cost. Many plans cover a percentage of the extraction cost. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists to learn our fee for your extraction.

How Is a Dental Tooth Extraction Different from a Surgical Extraction?

In a dental extraction, a dentist will loosen a tooth and then pull it out with forceps. If the tooth is impacted or broken at the gum line, an oral surgeon will have to make a small cut in your gum to reach the tooth and extract it. Oral surgeons typically perform surgical extractions in their dental offices.

Which Situations Can Make an Extraction Unavoidable?

If you have severe decay and a root canal will not save your tooth, an extraction is unavoidable. Typically, large cavities are very painful, but an extraction will most likely end the pain. Your dentist will suggest tooth replacement options to consider once the extraction heals. We list other situations when an extraction is unavoidable below.

Can I Have a Badly Fractured or Broken Tooth Pulled?

If the damage is extensive, your dentist may not be able to repair the tooth to a usable condition. Having an extraction will relieve your pain, which could be severe if the damage reached the pulp of your tooth.

When Is Having a Baby Tooth Pulled Advisable?

Having a severely decayed and infected baby tooth extracted can ease your child’s pain and keep the infection from spreading. One of our dentists may also suggest extracting a baby tooth if the adult tooth needs to emerge and the baby tooth refuses to come out on its own. If your child needs an extraction, please call our office. We will do our best to make your child feel relaxed about the procedure.

Can I Have a Tooth Loosened By Periodontal Disease Pulled?

With untreated periodontal disease, the bacteria attacks your gums causing them to pull away from your teeth and then the bacteria damages the bone holding your tooth. Your tooth eventually loosens, making it painful to chew. If you call for an appointment, one of our dentists can pull your tooth for you if it is causing you pain.

Why Do People Have Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that appear between ages 17 and 23. While ancient humans needed the teeth to chew because of their diet, we no longer need the molars. In fact, our jaws are smaller and often cannot accommodate the extra teeth. If your wisdom teeth have come in and are pressing against your other teeth, one of our dentists can extract them for you before they cause more problems. If your wisdom teeth cannot emerge from your gums and they are causing pain or swelling, your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon to remove them.

Will I Need Extractions Before Getting Braces?

If your teeth are crowded, and they grew in crooked, extractions can give braces adequate room to move your teeth into alignment. Call our office if you are looking for a dentist who can offer virtually painless, safe teeth removal before getting braces.

What Instructions Will I Receive After Getting a Tooth Pulled?

After you have a tooth extraction, your dentist will give you a list of things you cannot do in the first 24 hours as they may dislodge the blood clot that forms at the extraction site. You’ll learn how to keep the site clean and what to do about swelling and pain. which subsides after a day or two. An OTC pain reliever is usually enough to ease the minor discomfort after an extraction.

How Long Will My Tooth Extraction Site Take to Heal?

Tooth extraction healing takes about one week for simple extractions by a dentist, longer for surgical and molar extractions. If you take it easy the first two days, you’ll give your body the rest it needs to recuperate.

If you are looking for a dentist to perform a virtually painless tooth extraction in Owings Mills, call our office at (443) 898-1240 to make an appointment.

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